Guys! hello,

I have new town to show you, it’s a blue city in morocco. Such a splendid scenery, I don’t even know if I did as good. Anyway, here are some painting in process.

Hope you enjoy!(: Cheers

blog29-07-14-1 blog29-07-14-8 blog29-07-14-3 blog29-07-14-2 blog29-07-14-4 blog29-07-14-5 blog29-07-14-6 blog29-07-14-7



  1. I don’t know what is wrong with the color version I see. It’s phenomenal, and you are fortunate to have seen the town with this view. If only I could create such works so well. My mind shuts down just thinking of the complexity.

      • Yer welcome. But, I see you calling yourself useless with anything other than drawing? Don’t say that. We may not seem much help or good when others criticize, but surely we’re not completely incapable of doing better with practice or training. There’s more than one person in a team. And, the team has to work together.

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