Guys!, Hello.

I  promise(to myself literally) that I will do the blog more often than last couple months. You know? sometimes, you feel so lost and didn’t know where were you heading but think of it as a good adventure. Whatever you do or trying to do or struggling  doing it, it gives you somthing…something that you might thank for in the future. That’s all I wanted to say.

Well, this is the new print out I would like to lay them somewhere….just want people to get to know my artwork:)

If you have an idea where to place them down (like in a caf)e in Bkk or Vancouver, please let me know and I’ll be really grateful for that. Enjoy your day for now.

Peace out.

print out bkk


One thought on “I’M BACK.

  1. Welcome back// that was a lovely painting you had there as usual, but i think the face is a bit weird? Good luck, and you always had nice way to put trouble times ^_____^

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