Hi guys!? how’s going? Remember last time i did posted the flower painting?                                                                                                                                  The actual painting is not really with me right now, it’s with John(if he still has it).

John is a middle age gentle man I met in a cafe,which is awesome one, last year. I utterly have no idea what has made him not be able to walk, to talk and to hear properly. He always comes sit in the cafe every sunday and accompanied by a young woman who can use the sign language. I was painting there as a usual relaxing activity, John came by and try to tell me something using sign language……Turned out that he told me my art was beautiful and he liked it.

It was his birthday. Just when I knew it was his birthday, an idea just poped up in my mind. Later when I finished everything, I walked pass by his table toward the exit and gave him the painting as a birthday card. I still remember such a big smile he had….:)

We ran into each other sometimes after the first day. He never hesitated to hug me and say hello.

Thank you John, you have made me a nice person. This one is still for you.blog3-11-2014-1 blog3-11-2014-2 blog3-11-2014-3 blog3-11-2014-4 blog3-11-2014-5 blog3-11-2014-6 blog3-11-2014-7 blog3-11-2014-8


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