Keep pushing Bruge

You know?! This picture has been a hard task for me since it’s been started, not that I am not enjoy it. While i was doing(slowly), I was so keen to see when it’s done and could not wait any more second to finish it. As you can see, there are load of tiny windows….I have no more word to say, just take a look and hope you enjoy.( I’m so proud that I’ve finished it)blog16-1-2014-1 blog16-1-2014-2blog16-1-2014-3blog16-1-2014-4blog16-1-2014-6blog16-1-2014-5blog16-1-2014-7blog16-1-2014-8






2 thoughts on “Keep pushing Bruge

  1. Um…wow; just wow! Amazing consistency of detail and style. And yeah, a drawing like that is no easy task, and certainly tasks the patience of an artist. Beautiful piece indeed!

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