The babies.







My artworks today are inspired by one of the most beautiful documentary I have watched with my special one, so when I miss him or miss that moment I watch it.

The documentary is about following 4 babies from different places around the world in one year, so you’ll see them growing in different conditions. Not only stunning scene play you’ll see in the movie, beautiful color, nature and landscape, but also how adorable the babies are!! If you’ re the one that love kinda heart warming movie and baby, you shouldn’t miss it!

By the way, I said there are 4babies, but I drew only Bayarjargal(Mongolian boy) because I think he is such a character!
As always hope you have fun with it!

for more detail :








You! Bayar!




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8 thoughts on “The babies.

  1. i love the color of sky that you painted it!! 🙂
    i wanna see more work from you na jaa eheheheh

  2. Babies is on of my favorite documentary films! It is just soo good and you’ve captured that moment when the boy stands up all by himself. Your illustrations are so so great.

  3. Thank you for your like on my blog and the opportunity to see your delightful illustrations – I particularly love this little boy (and I want to see that movie). It’s great fun to see your watercolors in process – you are both careful and light-handed – colors staying true and very expressive. I look forward to seeing more!

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