How to make a cool illustration. “He’s my universe:)”

I saw fashion recently has got this kind of pattern quite lots, like cosmic,sky and star so I got an idea to put it in my illustration and it came out this way which is I really have fun doing it.


Therefor, I’d like to share the way to paint in my style. It may not so good as the professional one but I think somehow the beginners might find some hidden technics that they can apply to their works.


prepare the tools


water color book : you can use any kind of paper that can be used for water color but I recommend you to use 200 gram paper or more. It’s easier to make the smooth mixing color.

the color : I conveniently use the cake water color but as your choice, you can choose anything you comfort to. One thing you have to make sure is just only the flesh of color can be dissolved well with water.


get ready! and start!!


Start with drawing the picture, after that I painted just only water on the area I want color it.

Then paint the thinnest color first and fallow with darker tones.

TIPS : you should make all color you want to use be well mixed before starting to paint to make sure that

you can mix the colors on paper in time while it wet if not it’s gonna get spotted.




In my view, every little detail is really effective on work!! like shadow, line and color’s level so when you paint you should concern about the darken and brightness of colors. The same picture should be combined with darkest till black and lightest color till white.

Then finish!! hope you enjoy:)


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